About - Sunbeams of Promise - Downtown Frankfort


From a part time hobby to a full time business in a few short years...

The truth is...we don't know how this all happened. We need to give credit to our Higher Power for allowing all of this to come into form. We simply make the best jewelry we can...one day at a time.

A few short years ago, we started selling some of our Petoskey Stone creations at the farmers markets in Frankfort and Glen Arbor, Michigan. We both had full time jobs, but spent nearly all of our free time either combing the beaches looking for Petoskey Stones, or working in our make-shift shop in the basement.

In late 2012, we thought we would try selling some of our jewelry on Etsy. At first, sales were trickling in every few days or so, then began to pick up considerably. It was so exciting and fulfilling to be able to practice our hobby during the winter months and invest some money into equipment that would help us make new and different styles of jewelry.

We never had any intention of leaving our full time jobs in order to pursue Petoskey Stone jewelry making as our primary income source. It seems like everyone told us it couldn't be done...you'll never make it.

During 2013, many retail stores throughout Michigan began contacting us and asking to carry our jewelry in their stores. We did the best we could and their orders kept coming and coming. We were so happy to see that our jewelry was successful in other locations.

In 2014, a decision had to be made. Our jewelry making income was surpassing our income from our jobs, and there wasn't enough time for both. Although we were scared to death to do it, we both put in our notices, rented a small retail space in Frankfort and prayed to God everything would be ok.

We left the safety and security of our jobs...hoping God would catch us. And He did! Our first retail store in Frankfort, although very small and out of sight, did very well and our customers went crazy over what we made.

In November of 2014, we moved to our current location at 327 Main Street, Downtown Frankfort. We are in the heart of Frankfort, and our new store is much larger and very easy to find. We are doing what we've always done...making the very best jewelry out of the very best stones one day at a time.

In 2019 we purchased a new building in Beulah, Michigan and opened up Unearthed. Unearthed featured an even larger space to showcase larger specimens and home decor. In 2020 we moved Sunbeams of Promise to Beulah and now both businesses are operating out of Unearthed at 284 S. Benzie Blvd.

In addition to Petoskey Stones, we are actively working with Leland Blue and Fordite. Around our store, you can find top grade fossils from around the world. (Some that belong in a museum)

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