About - Sunbeams of Promise - Downtown Frankfort


From a part time hobby to a full time business in a few short years...

In 2012, I started selling some of my Petoskey Stone jewelry at the farmers markets in Frankfort and Glen Arbor, Michigan. I had a full time job, but spent nearly all of my free time either combing the beaches looking for Petoskey Stones, or working in my make-shift shop in the basement.

In late 2012, I started selling my work on Etsy. At first, sales were trickling in every few days or so, then began to pick up considerably. It was so exciting and fulfilling to be able to practice our hobby during the winter months and invest some money into equipment that would help us make new and different styles of jewelry.

As of today, I have sold more than 4,800 pieces and have nearly 600 5-Star Reviews! Thank you so much to all of my customers!

During 2013, many retail stores throughout Michigan began contacting me and asking to carry my jewelry in their stores. I did the best I could and their orders kept coming and coming. I was so happy to see my jewelry was successful in other locations.

From 2014 to 2020, my jewelry business thrived both online and in person. I hope you got a chance to visit Sunbeams of Promise in Downtown Frankfort.

Since 2020, I have found that selling online is the best place for me, as I can focus more on creativity and quality, without the demands of running a large retail store.

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